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How to eliminate the unpleasant smell of sewage in the bathroom?

ванная комната с раковиной унитазом и ванной

Bathroom is an integral component of comfort, rest and relaxation. But the pleasant atmosphere can be fundamentally spoiled by the appearance of an unpleasant smell of sewage. What is the cause of this occurrence and how to get rid of the problem?

Why the bathroom is filled with the "aroma" of public sewage

Unpleasant odors in the room can occur for several reasons:
- Overpressure in the system. A change in the pressure level of the sewage may be due to malfunction of the riser ventilation.
- The blockage. The pipe filled with liquid squeezes the air into the bathroom, while stinking odors seeping through leaky joints.
- Voltage reduction. When a large amount of water is drained along the riser, a discharge of the pipeline may occur, which begins to suck out water from all places, including from hydraulic lock. If a small siphon is installed in the bathroom, then the water from it will begin to evaporate with the corresponding odors.

How to find the same "weak" place
If you find that there is no water lock in the siphon, then you should contact the Housing and communal services and ask to eliminate the blockage in the riser. The help of Housing Maintenance Office specialists will be needed if the neighbors during the repair made mistakes in installing sewer pipes, or there are problems in the ventilation system. Plus, you should buy a new siphon that can hold the water lock.
To avoid reoccurrence of this unpleasant story, get sanitary silicone and treat it with gaps in the sewer pipes. If the pipes are made of cast iron, then the pipe can be treated with a mixture of water and cement.
Have you carried out all the activities described above and nothing helped? Contact our company and we will help to solve the problem as soon as possible!