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How to replace the water faucet in the bathroom?

смеситель в ванной

Damage to the mixer tap is a fairly common problem. Each person at least once in his life faced with the need to replace the faucet in the bathroom. As experience shows, independent installation and dismantling of the device is a task many times more difficult than replacing the mixer in the kitchen.

Typical malfunctions
Typical malfunctions due to a tap defect are:
1. Water drips, even if the valve is closed;
2. During operation, the device emits uncharacteristic buzzing sounds;
3. Reduced water pressure.
Mixer repair is a cheaper option than replacing it. But often the tap cannot be repaired and needs to be replaced.

Mixer tap installation
The first stage of the work is preparatory. It is necessary to stock up with a rag and a bucket. When dismantling the tap, water may start to drip or leak, then they will be needed. If the pipes or device are too old, water can begin to leak out even when the tap is shut off.
After everything you need is prepared, you need to do the following steps:
• Block off water and drain off residues. To do this, turn off the tap and wait until the water stops dripping.
• After dismantling the device, use the adjustable wrench to unscrew the two nuts that are under the water supply tap.
• If the dismantling of the old faucet is complete, unscrew the eccentrics from the wall by using pliers. The technique is as follows: having firmly inserted the tool into the hole, it is necessary to twist it counterclockwise.
• Insert new eccentrics into the pipe. It is advisable to wrap their base with linen and moisten the edge for fixation.
• Lubricate the linen basis and install the part into the pipe with a wrench. Before this step, it is important to clean the pipe.
• Then installation of reflectors follows. The mixer tap itself can be screwed on and tightened with a wrench.
• Then comes the fun part - assembly. Insert the valve until it stops and tighten the nut. At the end of the procedure, put the hose from the shower and attach the watering can.