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Service   Price with tax
Heat Sink installation/ repair   32 €/h
Sanitary works    32 €/h
Sewer blockage elimination   32 €/h
Water meter calibration (one)   32 €/h
Boiler installation/ replacement/ cleaning   32 €/h
Ground works    35 €/h
Cleaning a heating system (water-air)   35 €/h
Heat exchanger washing (chemical)   35 €/h
Electrical work   32 €/h
Fusion of metal and plastic water pipes   40 €/h
House heating and boiler pressure test   90 €/h
Transport fee   0,50 €/km
Move 1 mover + transport 25 €/h
  2 movers + transport 35 €/h
Electrician   35 €/h
Sewerage pressure washing (Monday-Friday (10.00-17.00))   75 €/h
Carpenter   Ask price
Builder   Ask price
Fitter   Ask price
Welder   Ask price
Crane driver   Ask price
Plasterer   Ask price
Plater   Ask price



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* All prices include VAT