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Prices for plumbing, construction, electrical, and emergency works.

  • Minimum price for service - is the price of first hour work!
  • The prices of services, that are not in the list, are calculated separately. 
  • Serving of private customers (without agreement) is done with cash only. 
  • If the work is voluminous, the price is negotiable.
  • The discount does not apply to pressure washer services and camera examination

NB! the price of hourly payment is calculated based on the work of one person. 

Services Without VAT With VAT
Emergency work of technical systems 29.17 €/h 35.00 €/h
Plumbing 29.17 €/h 35.00 €/h
Elimination of sewage congestion (Rothenberger R-600) 29.17 €/h 35.00 €/h
Electrical works 29.17 €/h 35.00 €/h
Welding of polyethylene pipes  (EURO SP1)  40.00   €/h    48.00   €/h
Pipeline inspection ( Rothenberger i2000 (22m.)) 37.50 €/h 45.00 €/h
 Freezing pipes up to 2 ″ (in the absence of the possibility of overlapping water (REMS)) 29.17 €/h  35.00 €/h
Flushing the heating system (water-air) 29.17 €/h 35.00 €/h
Heat exchanger cleaning (dry cleaning) 37.50 €/h 45.00 €/h
Pressure testing of pipelines (inside the house) 37.50 €/h 45.00 €/h
Pressure testing of the heating system and the heating unit (inside the house) 83.33 €/h 100.00 €/h
Flushing intra-house sewer lines (Kärcher) 37.50 €/t 45.00 €/t
Sewerage flushing under pressure from 75.00 €/h  
Cleaning grease/sand traps 220 €/km 264 €/km
The recycling cost is added according to the km/m3 75 €/1m3 90 €/1m3
Welding 40.00 €/h 48.00 €/h
Defrosting Plastic Pipes 40.00 €/h 48.00 €/h
Defrosting metal pipes 40.00 €/h 48.00 €/h
A carpenter   29.17 €/h  35.00 €/h
Builder   29.17 €/h  35.00 €/h
Cleaning services   29.17 €/h  35.00 €/h
Plasterer   29.17 €/h  35.00 €/h
Tiler   29.17 €/h  35.00 €/h
Concrete worker   29.17 €/h  35.00 €/h
Painter   29.17 €/h  35.00 €/h
Repair of household appliances   29.17 €/h  35.00 €/h
Repair of equipment for bars,    
restaurants and cafes           29.17 €/h  35.00 €/h
Calls outside Tallinn are subject to a kilometer fare (round-trip)) 0.42 €/km  0.50 €/km 


We guarantee a high quality! We achieve the services provided through clear planning of all the processes, implementation of the latest technologies, modern equipment and materials, as well as the professionalism of our employees.

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Send your request to our  email address info@torudeabi24.ee
The discounts are valid starting from the second hour!