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1. Backfilling of a trench is made by the excavated soil. The soil is flattened.

2. Restoration of greenery (lawn) is possible on the basis of an additional contract for an additional fee. The owner / proprietor of the real estate must inform the existing communications (electrical and communication lines in the ground) prior to the start of excavation works.

3. If additional works are required (in particular, possible reinforced concrete or metal structures in the ground about which the customer does not know), their execution and payment are agreed in a separate additional contract.

4. This price offers do not include the cost of insulation material to cover the existing pipeline in the immediate vicinity of the house (according to the connection project - the existing pipeline that remains).

5. The customer must conduct an ongoing review of the work and compliance with quality requirements at any time, with the involvement of experts, if necessary. The costs of the expert examination and supervision of the owner shall be borne by the customer.

6. The customer must check the progress of the work and give instructions to the contractor regarding the continuation of the work.

7. The work executed is covered by a two-year warranty for normal daily use.

8. The company is not responsible for the installation of materials purchased by the customer.

9. The customer under the contract for work and materials must pay on the basis of the invoice issued to the current account of the company.

10. Plumbing emergency work and electrical work are performed by Torudeabi ja Elektritööd OÜ
License no. TEL003775