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The company "TorudeAbi" offers its clients comprehensive services for the design of premises, which includes the development of an apartment project from a professional designer. We make a preliminary visit with the Customer in order to select material for decoration. We also consult on the selection of necessary furniture and accessories. The meeting is planned in advance by mutual consent at a time convenient for the client. The design from TorudeAbi is beauty even in the smallest details, highly professional and reasonable in price!


Design projects “TorudeAbi” - a reflection of quality and style

Speaking about the main stages of interaction with the Customer, we distinguish two stages of work in the design of premises, among them:


• a specialist visits the facility, takes measurements of the premises, consults;
• projecting the desired model of the premises on the computer;
• options for placement of furniture are introduced for discussion;
• style solutions are offered, a collage is modeled, a color scheme is selected with options for furniture, light and accessories.


• a room plan is drawn up taking into account engineering communications;
• a plan for the arrangement of furniture and sanitary equipment is being formed;
• a floor plan is drawn up indicating the types of flooring;
• a plan of the ceiling with lighting elements is thought out.

Then, for review and approval the overall project package is formed, consisting of the following documents:
1. Title page
2. An explanatory note with the source data
3. Sample plan
4. Room plan, which indicates the size and intended use of room
5. Plan for the placement of furniture and equipment
6. Placing schemes of sanitary equipment
7. Ceiling plan with materials
8. Placement of lighting fixtures
9. Location of sockets, switches
10. General floor plan
11. Layouts of ceramic floor tiles
12. Layouts of wall ceramics
13. Developed view of decorative elements
14. Drawings of customized accessories
15. Upgrading interior design
16. Journals of decoration, doorways, lighting fixtures
17. Doorways
18. Lighting fixtures
19. 3D visualization
The design of the apartments is worked out to the smallest detail and perfectly matches the client's vision. Visit for the selection of materials occurs by mutual consent at a time convenient for the client. At the whole stages of work, close contact is maintained with the executors and free consultations are conducted in person and online.

The design of the rooms by the designers of “TorudeAbi” is an ideal result for a beautiful and comfortable life!

You can get acquainted with the prices for services here.