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Polyethylene pipe welding

For the formation of durable fixed joints during the installation of pipeline systems, welding with the fusion of the pipe-rack faces or cylindrical surfaces of polyethylene pipes is applied.

Choosing the best method for connecting PEM pipes
сваривание PEM пластмассовых труб фото

The end-type welding method is associated with the need for particularly careful implementation of a number of technical conditions. The coupling method, based on the use of additional parts (fittings), is distinguished by the optimal combination of simplicity of technological operations and high reliability of the joints. The application of the coupling method allows the welding of thin-walled polymer parts without damage and deformation violations. Coupling technology can be used for welding pipes in residential buildings, commercial premises and industrial facilities. Varieties of the coupling method:

  • Welding using a specialized soldering iron for heating;
  • Electrofusion welding of pipelines

The electrofusion method of welding makes it possible to obtain high-strength polyethylene pipe joints that are resistant to changing loads. To perform welded joints, a specialized electrical fusion is applied, equipped with heating embedded elements. Pipe welding can be performed using electric-welded PND fittings equipped with integrated heating coils. The formation of high-strength in-situ joints is based on heating the fitting material to a state of partial melting.

Electrofusion welding technology
The most important advantage of electrofusion welding is the absence of a flash that violates the standard pipe permeability. The application of electrofusion technology is especially relevant in a limited space when it is impossible to use large-sized welding equipment. Operation sequence of electrofusion welding is:

  1. A specialized tool is used to cut  polyethylene pipes to the desired length.
  2. The electric coupling and the welded pipe sections are thoroughly cleaned of debris, dust and persistent contaminants;
  3. To control the immersion depth in the coupling, marks are applied to the pipes;
  4. At the far ends of the pipes, plugs are installed that eliminate the risk of heat loss;
  5. The electric coupling is connected by wires to the welding device;
  6. The welding process begins after pressing the start button;
  7. The welding machine automatically shuts off when the process is completed;
  8. The welded joint is suitable for use after cooling and complete hardening.

During cooling, the immobility of the welded parts is observed to form a durable welded joint. The thickness of the high-quality weld bead is from a third to half the thickness of the pipe walls. The maximum permissible axial displacement of the welded pipe segments is not more than 10% of the wall thickness. The weld bead should cover the previously applied mark.

Professional PEM Plastic Pipe Welding Services

Torudeabi24 company offers the services of specialists who apply advanced technologies for welding polyethylene pipelines. Guaranteed strength of the formed joints ensures high quality of installation works and repair operations. Experienced staff helps to find the best solutions for solving problems of designing and installing water, heating and sewer networks. All work is carried out promptly at a guaranteed high level of quality.

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