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Repair of household appliances and restaurant equipment

Repair of household appliances and restaurant equipment
We repair washing machines, refrigerators, gas and electric stoves, boilers, microwave ovens and vacuum cleaners. We connect washing machines, gas-fired water heaters, stoves, boilers and other corresponding equipment.
Repair of house appliances
Repair of refrigerators
Repair of washing machines
Repair of electric stoves and gas stoves
Repair of dishwasher
Repair of dryer
Repair of coffee machines
Repair of sewing machines
Repair of vacuum cleaner
Installation and connection of household appliances
Repair and installation of air conditioners
Repair of refrigeration equipment
We carry out approximately restaurant equipment maintenance and repair of any type, including working with such as:
Refrigerators, freezers and machines (including refrigerators, cooling shelves, ice maker machines);
Thermal systems (combi-ovens, stoves, ovens, cabinet ovens and bakers, grills, smokehouses);
Modern climatic equipment (including air conditioners, ventilation systems, liquid chillers);
Special technological equipment (dishwashers, dryers, dough mixers, slicers, bread-slicers, etc.).      
We guarantee a high quality! We achieve the services provided through clear planning of all the processes, implementation of the latest technologies, modern equipment and materials, as well as the professionalism of our employees.
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Phome: +372 56 89 79 29
Email address: info@torudeabi24.ee
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