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Replacement risers

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Replacement risers
Happy owners of apartments in new homes do not face such a phenomenon as dilapidated and rusty pipes. If the house is many years old, then it usually has outworn sewage systems and water heating systems. If you do not perform their timely replacement, many unpleasant moments are possible.
An effective solution to the problem of old pipes is to replace risers:
Water supply;
In such a situation, employees of our company who are able to solve issues of any complexity are ready to offer you their services. Replacing risers in an apartment building includes the following steps:
Dismantling works of old risers of water supply, heating, sewage;
Installation of new risers;
Work on connecting to the wiring, checking the correctness and quality of the system.
Noting that before replacing the risers, you should notify the neighbors living above and below you of the work in order to avoid possible unpleasant situations.
Heating: replacement of risers in the apartment
The replacement of the heating pipes in the apartment is carried out in the following sequence:
The risers overlap, water is released from them;
Old pipes with the help of an angle grinder are cut and dismantled, including from floor slabs;
New risers are installed and pipe routing to the radiators is carried out from them.
Replacing sewer riser pipes
A few recommendations for replacing the sewer systems of an apartment building:
Replacement of risers from the legislative side
In accordance with the law, planned replacement of risers must be carried out at least once every twenty-five to thirty years. This requirement applies to house networks, central highways of water supply, sewage, heating in non-privatized apartments. Responsibility for the replacement of risers in apartment buildings and the quality of work performed rests with the company on whose balance sheet the house is stated. In privatized apartments, the owners of the premises are responsible for the condition of the water, sewer and heating risers.                                                                        
Noting that it is not recommended to conduct work on your own, since allowed mistakes can lead the system to a failure as a whole. We offer an affordable price for the replacement of the riser and the result will allow us to give reliability and durability to engineering systems.
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