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Toilet installation

Plumbing equipment of the sanitary unit requires constant monitoring. Gradually, over time, it can fail to function. In this case or upon arrival in a new home, it is necessary to install the toilet. The most vulnerable point of this design is the tank. In case of failure of this particular part, it is enough to repair the toilet flush tank. These two processes are combined by their complexity, the need to strictly follow instructions and professional qualifications. Therefore, it is better not to do this kind of service yourself, but to entrust the toilet to our professional plumbers.

Toilet replacement algorithm

If the old equipment is unfit for use, it must be urgently replaced. Not only because it is impossible to use a broken one. Further operation can lead to serious problems with the water supply. Our experts will carry out the full range of necessary work:
• Disconnecting and dismantling a broken device;
• Necessary changes in the room;
• Installation of a new plumbing mechanism;
• Connection of sewer system in the toilet.
Despite the fact that there are only four actions, each of them is technically complex and requires special training. If you are worried about how much it costs to install a toilet, then do not worry - our plumbers perform work at affordable and inexpensive prices.

What to do if the toilet is leaking?

Fortunately, disorders in sanitary equipment do not always lead to its inevitable replacement. The most common problems are:
• Leaking device;
• The drain tank is not filled;
• Flush button doesn’t work or is not pressed;
• Water flows uncontrollably into the drain directly from the tank.
In case of detection of such disorders, it is urgent to contact specialists to eliminate them. If you do not delay it, then there remains the possibility of repairing without replacing the entire toilet. Our company offers a high-quality repair of the toilet; the repair will take a short time and eliminate the need to install a new device. We work exclusively on quality, offer the necessary services and guarantee a positive result.

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