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Ways to eliminate blockage at home

устранение засора в домашних условиях

Clogging is a common problem. Most people prefer to solve the problem on their own, but there are those who seek the help from specialists. The main reason for blockage is that the fatty layer accumulates on the inner surface of the pipes. To solve this everyday problem, several methods for cleaning pipes in multi-apartment and country houses were developed. In this article, you can find out which methods of pipe cleaning are the most effective, how to eliminate blockage yourself and whether you need to resort to professional help.

Popular ways to eliminate blockages
The most effective methods for cleaning sewer pipes include:
- Mechanical method;
- Chemical method.

In order to carry out chemical cleaning, you must follow the safety rules: wear gloves, a mask and safety glasses. This will protect you from the effects of chemical components on the mucous membranes and skin. Cleaning products contain acids and alkalis. That is why it is impossible to use different means with an identical composition.

Chemical cleaning algorithm for sewage:
1. Pour cleaning agent into the hole of the pipe;
2. Pour 500 ml of water;
3. Wait for 15 minutes;
4. Flush the sewer system with 10-40 liters of water.

The chemical product manufactured by SIIL has found particular popularity among consumers. Its advantage is ease of use and effectiveness: it is enough to measure two tablespoons of powder, mix with a glass of water at room temperature and pour into the drain hole. Then clean with a plunger and rinse with water. Cast iron sewer pipes must not be cleaned with chemical products. Therefore, if blockage occurs, it is necessary to use a mechanical cleaning method.

The mechanical method of cleaning pipes
Using the mechanical method, you can effectively eliminate clogging at home. In order to do this, it is necessary to prepare the inventory: flexible wire cable (also sometimes called a "flexible cleaning tool" or "plumbing snake"), toilet brush and plunger.
If the blockage is not deep, then it is enough to use a plunger. It is necessary to cover the drain hole with a plunger, collect water to the level of the device and make 20 vertical movements, without breaking the plunger away from the drain.
Toilet brush is used to break down blockages. The use of a wire cable to clean sewer pipes is a rather difficult task. To clean the pipe with them, you need to dismantle the siphon, insert the end of the object into the pipe and rotate clockwise by moving onward and upward. At the end of the procedure, it is necessary to return the siphon to its primary place and rinse the sewer pipe with hot water. If the water drains quickly, then everything is done correctly. Otherwise, the cleaning will need to be repeated. Using a flexible wire cable you can clean pipes of any material.